Personal Training

Whatever your motivation is for exercising–whether it’s to shed a few pounds, prepare for a big race, or to start a new, healthier lifestyle–selecting the right personal trainer can make all the difference to help you reach your fitness goals. I have been voted one of the best in Denver, with the expertise to assess your strengths and weaknesses and tailor your workouts to meet your goals. Discover for yourself the many perks of working one-on-one with a trainer.

Personal Training Plans

50 minute plans

  • 12 one on one 50 minute sessions ($99 ea) $1,188.00
  • 24 one on one 50 minute sessions ($89 ea) $2,136.00
  • 36 one on one 50 minute sessions ($79 ea) $3,204.00

30 minute plans

  • 12 one on one 30 minute sessions ($55 ea) $660.00
  • 24 one on one 30 minute sessions ($45 ea) $1,080.00
  • 36 one on one 30 minute sessions ($40 ea) $1,440.00

3 Months Online Personal Training $299.99


Health/Life Coaching

I provide an online private one-on-one Health/Life Coaching service that is custom designed to aid, help and guide individuals in an effort for clients to successfully recognize, acknowledge and correct negative life and business issues; to better control, develop, succeed and grow in their own lives and businesses… and to create the better and happier lives which they seek.

Online Health/Life Coaching Plans

  • 30 Days of Intense Health/Life Coaching with Exercise and Nutrition $999.99
  • One on One Single Session $149.99


What Is Personal Training?

Depending on whom you ask it can be different things.  To me personal training is the education and instruction of science based exercise and nutrition programs.

Since my training is science based, in the fitness evaluation I will be testing you for range of motion, muscular imbalance, and core strength. My testing will tell us what areas we really need to focus on to help you reach your goals the fastest and safest. I believe before you can accomplish lasting results we need to first reset your bodies programs (metabolism, activity level).

After I have performed our evaluation I can make my recommendations. My recommendations will be based off of your test results and your goals. At this point we will discuss options that will best fit into your current lifestyle. I understand making a lifestyle change is hard, that is why I will be here to support you along your journey.

Goal Setting

I emphasize the importance of goal setting. I remember that every person is as unique as their body, and we all have differing fitness goals as a result. During your first session, I get to know your expectations and what you would like to accomplish by training with me. From there, I develop a plan to make your goals attainable, whether that means improving your endurance, growing your strength, losing weight, or increasing your flexibility.


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