The Personal Fitness Training programs are always started with an individual exercise evaluation to determine bio-mechanical strengths and weaknesses within your body. When the body has bio-mechanical issues it will develop injuries over time. So imagine this you have been overweight for 5 or more years and your body is out of balance. Your are developing muscular imbalances that are creating excessive stress for your joints and tendons which are causing you pain and discomfort. Knowing this I will design a plan for you that includes corrective exercise and weight loss together. There is no reason to be skinny if you are not fit and pain free as well right?



The Health Coaching starts with a discovery call. This is online program that has been designed to address your behaviors towards nutrition with a 21 day nutritional transformation and exercise plan. The goal is to help you discover what it means to live healthier through nutrition without the stress of counting calories.  In this program we will explore your triggers to bad habits and change them, as well as, help you to become the healthiest person that you can be.