12-weeks Online Health Coaching

12-weeks Online Health Coaching


The Health Coaching Online Program has been designed to address your behaviors towards life, exercise and nutrition. In your program we will explore your triggers to bad habits and change them, as well as, help you to become the healthiest person that you can be.

The 12 week guided transformation program is designed to move you gradually and confidently toward big, bold change. For those who want a calculated approach with focused attention to detail. Rather than initiating all of the changes at once, every two weeks a new concept is delivered to you; you asked to layer each new concept on top of what you've learnt, such that at the end of 12 weeks, well... you're basically a transformed human. With weekly check-ins by email and phone, you'll be hand-held and guided every single step of the way.


  • Mindfulness training to become more aware

  • Compliance Schedule and Accountability Action Plan

  • Weekly coaching sessions to deliver new materials in a staged approach

  • 12 weeks of ongoing Body Positive Coaching

  • Most Of All Our Work Is Always Confidential

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