Success Stories

I am very proud of every one of these clients that exceeded their goals! 

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I LOST OVER 100 lbs!

A journey started one year ago, it was just another attempt at losing weight. Sure, join a club, hire a trainer for three sessions, what could it hurt? I can learn all I need to in those three sessions right? Always remaining in the back of my mind, this is just another failure waiting to happen. So what changed that notion?? He did.

It was May 31st, the day my life changed for the better. I walked through those doors into a new world, definitely leaving behind the old one. I really wish I could say that I wasn’t scared, but that would be a lie. I was walking into something I knew I had to do, but had the distinct possibility of failing at. This day, I was assigned Bill Ross. Really how bad could it be? All I had was a name, no face to go with that name. So I searched the trainer’s wall looking for that one name“and there he is. The toughest looking guy on the wall. Oh what have I done!

I was given a trainer that genuinely cares about every one of his clients. During our first 30 minutes of meeting each other, I knew what plan he had in mind to help me in reaching my overall goals. It was the first time that I actually felt like this may work. And it has!

Before this journey I had the worse eating and exercise habits. I was used to eating one meal a day and usually that was dinner. And let’s just say that I most likely consumed 3000 calories in that one meal. I was a very big emotional eater. I had no problem coming home from a bad day at work and demolishing a whole bag of potato chips or container of ice cream. Well this would explain why I weighed so much. My idea of exercise was walking back and forth from the recliner to the refrigerator or the office chair to the soda machine.

I have trained with Bill for 16 months now, with a total weight loss of over 100 pounds. In these 16 months, Bill has taught me how I need to exercise to have the optimum calorie burn, as well as how to change my eating habits to maintain the weekly weight loss. I achieved this by setting a routine of going to the gym twice a day to do cardio, and then maintaining a strict dedication of training with Bill four times a week. I won’t lie; this has been tough at times. There has been numerous times where I have wanted to give up, but Bill is always there to help me push harder to further reach those goals and succeed.

When I first met Bill, I was a shy, unconfident person. My self esteem was at an all time low. I hated the way I looked and felt. It was hard for me to look at myself in the mirror without feeling disappointment. My wardrobe consisted of big baggie clothing. I always wore shirts that hung down and didn’t show the fat. Since my transformation, I have started wearing clothing that shows off the curves. I have dropped four sizes in my shirts and ten sizes in my pants. Nothing feels better than being able to shop in the “normal” section of the stores, instead of having to go to the big girl stores.

I have finally gained the confidence and self esteem to walk with my head held high and proud. I now have no issues with checking myself out in a mirror and telling myself “damn you look good!” Even though I am still in my journey and have reached the hardest point so far, I have all the confidence in the world that I will get to my goal weight. With all of my dedication and the constant pushing and encouragement from Bill, together we shall both succeed. I don’t know what I would have done if I had not gotten the chance to have this incredible person in my life. I have not only gained a trainer but a friend for life. There are no words that could thank him enough for what he has helped me become. He has helped me achieve my ultimate goal“to be thinner and confident about who I am!

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I have worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years and have worked out since I was a teenager. Even with my background in fitness I have always found I get much better results when working with a trainer. Bill has proven the perfect fit for me at a point in my life when nagging injuries were keeping from training as hard as I would like as well as doing the activities I love. His assessment of my movement issues and injuries and the subsequent program he has developed for me has allowed me to regain the intensity in my training which has led to weight loss and strength gains. He is extremely educated in his field as evidenced by his certifications, he is very good at keeping his clients motivated, and he is passionate about making sure you are successful. Working with Bill gives you access to everything you need to be successful in reaching your goals. I am three months into my program with Bill and I am pain free from back, knee, and shoulder issues that I had been dealing with for over 6 years. On top of that I have lost over 25 lbs and added a lot of strength. You should absolutely work with Bill if you are ready to get results.


More Testimonials

Pat and Lisa C.

My wife and I started working with Bill almost a year ago, and we both came in with significantly different needs and experience levels, and even different expectations. We have both been exceptionally pleased with Bill's ability to customize and adjust our training to our abilities, requirements, and even strength levels for each day we see him. He's been absolutely wonderful to work with, and even was able to detect and correct how we've both been compensating for injuries from our past. I've never worked with a trainer who has his background in overall body structure and usage, and we never once repeated a workout in the 11 months we've been seeing him. He's adaptable, respectful, and excellent. We'd gladly recommend him (and have) to our friends and family.


David L.

Thanks to Bill, I'm in the best shape of my life. I highly recommend Bill to help you achieve your fitness objectives.


Hardeep A.

Bill has been working with me in two capacities. One is a very regimented workout with my team for the past few months (3x's a week) and the second is personal sessions to help me with my recovery from a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. As you can imagine, this was a very personal journey for me and I went to other physical therapy locations and saw minimal results. Seeing the results Bill had with my team 3x's a week at our work, I decided to ask Bill to help me recover and I was thrilled when he said "yes"! Bill doesn't let you give up! He becomes a part of your daily rhythm and touches base every single day to find out how you are doing. He cares!! I have seen a dramatic difference in my strength, balance, flexibility and recovery, which includes range of motion back in my left shoulder which was "frozen" after my surgery. Bill is incredible with his pursuit of your goals...he becomes vested in your well being and I feel that not only has he helped me through my journey but I've gained a friend for life who truly cares about me and my health. I would highly recommend Bill!


Michael M.

Upon returning to Denver, having had a post-traumatic experience I found Bill Ross serendipitously. Because I had been introduced to the PowePlate, by another master trainer, physical therapist, life coach in Chicago, where we lived and I had this integrated healing experience. I am over-joyed by Bill's knowledge of the human body, alternate physicsl therapies, the range of physical activity/exercises/stretches as well as infusion of PowerPlate in the therapeutic aspect of our work together; moreover, I am pleased with his life-coaching supplementation, which helps to build trust in this hard demanding process of getting well. He is indeed Denver's best, and you will get the results you set your personal dedication to achieve - "I guaranteed it"


Maggie G.

Bill is great, he is the trainer that will make jokes with you but ultimately push you for the right reasons. Sometimes you may want to curse profanities at him during workouts, but he takes it like a champ and laughs it off. If you want to get off the couch and start being a healthier you Bill is the one for you!


Elena S.

I am writing this review as a tried and true yoyo dieter and yoyo exerciser. I have spent the last 10+ years trying different methods of exercise: running, solo gym attempts, fitness classes at a large gym, personal training off and on, and 8 oz. beer curls. None of these have worked for me, partially my fault, partially the fault of the program not being right for me. This has changed in the last few months since I started attending training with Bill. His approach and knowledge is spot on, and for the first time in my life, I am seeing changes in my strength both physically and mentally. There is an ease with which he delivers his instructions that allows you to believe in the program as well as yourself and your abilities. With that mindset and consistency, I am feeling stronger everyday. If you are ready to make a change in your life, and are willing to put in the work, Bill 100% has the knowledge of science as well as the perfect approach to help you achieve your goals.


Erin R.

Bill is awesome! I have taken a class with him for a few months now, and I've also had some personal training sessions. I can see such an improvement with my endurance, strength, and flexibility already. He's great at motivating everyone to do their personal best and modifying workouts to the individual's needs. His workouts will kick your butt, but he somehow he does it in a way that is fun and lighthearted. I would recommend Bill every time!


Neila M.

Bill is an amazing instructor! He really knows how to push you to improve upon your fitness without making you feel pressured. I have already seen results and can't wait to keep seeing what I can do thanks to Bill!


Ryan M.

"Real Simple, Real Easy" That's what comes to mind when I see Bill 3 times a week. I?ve been working out with Bill for almost 5 months now. I?ve never been one to spend money on a personal trainer. Bill is worth EVERY PENNY! He as a rhythm and a cadence to his workout that is perfect. He gives you a total body workout every time. He brings the heart rate up then moves onto another muscle group, then to another. I really appreciate that he moves from one exercise to the next with a smooth transition and is aware if you need to catch your breath, or if your arms need a break. Bill never runs out of exercises either. He seems to always have a new and fun workout every time. Bill is a huge advocate of form. He totally understands that good form prevents injury and he works with everyone to make sure they’re doing things correctly. Bill also knows the human body really well. If you have an injury or are sore going into the class, he will examine your movements and give you exercises/stretches to take care of the problem. He has a plethora of certifications under his belt and uses all of them from diet, yoga, bootcamp style of class that I am part of. I am the healthiest that I’ve been in YEARS, thanks to Bill. Seriously, you have to give Bill a shot. You will NOT be disappointed.


Paxton M.

Bill is awesome!! I am currently taking classes 3x/week for the past month and can already see improvement. Even though these classes are held in a smaller group setting, he pays attention to everyone's individual needs. He will definitely push you but only because he knows you can do it. Bill is the man.


Katrina Z.

When I started with Bill 5 months ago I had never played a sport, never exercised, and couldn't run a city block without getting winded. That first week of training, I definitely was light headed and out of breath a lot. But what's so great about Bill is that he incorporates nutrition lessons into his teaching, so I quickly corrected the things that were causing me to have such a hard time in class. Bill is great because he let's everyone come from their own starting place and never compares or judges where anyone is at. I like that I only have to work as much as I can on that day, at that moment. It's great self-motivation, with Bill always there to make sure postures are correct so that I don't unknowingly get hurt. If I ever do feel a pinch in a certain pose, Bill instantly knows which muscles, tendons, and nerves are at play - and what to do to fix it. His complete knowledge of fitness, nutrition, massage, and general positive outlook on life are fantastic!


Danielle H.

Bill Ross is the real deal! I feel stronger and more confident in everything I do.