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I Lost Over 100 lbs!

A journey started one year ago, it was just another attempt at losing weight. Sure, join a club, hire a trainer for three sessions, what could it hurt? I can learn all I need to in those three sessions right? Always remaining in the back of my mind, this is just another failure waiting to happen. So what changed that notion?? He did.



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Weight Loss Success At 55

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years and have worked out since I was a teenager. Even with my background in fitness I have always found I get much better results when working with a trainer. Bill has proven the perfect fit for me at a point in my life when nagging injuries were keeping from training as hard as I would like as well as doing the activities I love. His assessment of my movement issues and injuries and the subsequent program he has developed for me has allowed me to regain the intensity in my training which has led to weight loss and strength gains.