Wellness Training

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As your certified wellness professional I will design a personalized program that addresses the 5 pillars of wellness specifically for YOU. Every in-person session is performed in a safe and comfortable environment. Every session is always private as well.

The 5 Pillars of Wellness

Personal Training

Whether you want to lose weight, learn to eat better or run a 5k I will design workouts individually for you and cater your experience to your needs and goals.


What you eat is a huge part of getting in shape. I will work with you to find the best meal plans for you and help hold you accountable for your nutrition.

Behavior Change

I will help you overcome your excuses that have stopped you in the past by deep diving into why you always give up.


Your recovery is the key for you to reach your goals. I will design your workouts so that you recover between our sessions.


I will hold you accountable everyday through text, email or phone. You will always know that your goals are as important to me as they are to you.

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