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June 2016

Bill Ross Fit Personal Training and life coaching in Denver



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About Bill Ross Fit Personal Training and Life Health Coaching

Bill Ross Fit was founded originally as strictly a fitness company. Over 25 years it evolved into a complete fitness and coaching company. I found out during the journey as a personal trainer that if a client does not change their behaviors towards exercise and nutrition that any weight loss that occurs is only temporary. Knowing this I changed my training programs to include behavior change solutions. By adding the behavior change solutions I was able to increase my clients success rate from 65% to 98%.

The behavior change solutions are a part of the guided self therapy Holistic Life Coaching. The holistic life coaching has nothing to do with religion. It does have to do with approaching your entire life as a whole. For example your behaviors and actions towards, food, exercise, success and life. You and I together will figure out the root cause of the issues and focus on ways to overcome them.

The Personal training programs are always started with and individual exercise evaluation to determine bio-mechanical strengths and weaknesses within your body. When the body has bio-mechanical issues it will develop injuries over time. So imagine this you have been over weight for 5 or more years and your body is out of balance. Your are developing muscular imbalances that are creating excessive stress for your joints and tendons which are causing you pain and discomfort. Knowing this I will design a plan for you that includes corrective exercise and weight loss together. There is no reason to be skinny if you are not fit and pain free as well right?

I invite you to explore my website and I look forward to working with you soon!