Eat Like A Caveman, But Don't Act Like One!

Nowadays most guys either are very soft and cuddly with their skinny jeans, hair buns and dad bods or super macho and showing everyone. These extremes are just plain sad. To both groups I beg you please WAKE UP! Do you really think that real women want either?

Let’s be honest if you wear skinny jeans a woman knows your sperm isn’t any good anyway. Not because you are defective but because you kill the sperm daily from the heat generated in your body. Hey macho men you are not much better trust me. Women look at you and think great he will protect me, cheat on me or beat me. Where is the balance?

Pick a guy from the movies that has badass and class written all over him “James Freaking Bond”!

You know he can kick some serious ass, right? Yet you never see him intimidate a woman. You never see him not look classy or smooth. James Bond also does not walk around cursing and looking to start a fight. So once again why do women love Bond? The answer is right there. No I did not forget that he drinks and no I am not saying that you need to as well.

You don’t have to walk around in suits to be a badass and classy at the same time. You do have to learn from ego mistakes and fashion mistakes. You are not living in a video game or on a sports field. You live in the real world where guess what there are emotions and insecurities and that’s a good thing because it keeps us at the top of our game. Yes learning how to be a better man is a good thing!

Trust me as a middle aged man who trains women of all ages all day long I hear what they want and it’s not the super macho or the skinny pants and dad bod guys. They want real men that are educated, strong/healthy, confident and compassionate. So guys look presentable, stop cursing 24/7, exercise, put away the video games and talk about something other than sports.

Bottom line you can eat like a caveman and still be a gentleman. Make the simple changes and watch how your life improves around you.