Holiday Blues!

This time of year it’s all too common to find people that are depressed. The reasons can range from loss of a loved one or loss of a job. Even feeling alone and having no money.

How do you change these behaviors to a positive? This is a question that I get asked often. For some feeling depressed is new and for others it is something that has been programmed into them for years. No matter which group you fall into you still need to start by making simple changes.

Some simple changes:

·         Wake up early/ Go to bed early (don’t spend all night watching TV or on the net)

·         Start eating clean and real food, meaning not processed.

·         Stop drinking alcohol

·         Exercise daily (even if it is just going for a 30 minute walk)

·         Stop watching the news when you wake up

·         Social media – Only follow positive people and pages

The changes listed above are simple and easy to make. I am not telling you to make all of these changes right now. Instead start with one or two. Perform the change/changes for a week and after it becomes a routine add another.  If you perform the change/changes for at least a week you will find that you are starting to feel better already.

When you start to feel better physically, you will start to feel better mentally. When you stop focusing on the negative in life, you will start seeing all of the positive. Yes it is a chain reaction. Make one positive change it changes everything.

When you make all of the simple changes and are still feeling depressed it is time to start focusing on the real cause, not just the surface problem. For example loss of a loved one during the holidays is one of the hardest things to deal with daily. Most people focus on the loss, when they should be focusing on the positive memories. Remembering the positive memories will help you hold them in your heart so that they can still share the new memories with you. They are still with you even if it is just in spirit. This is something that we all tend to forget.

Money, that nasty word! In today’s society we place too much value on it and it causes many people to become depressed. We all want more of it every day, but the reality is the fact that it should have zero effect on your happiness. So you cannot purchase the most expensive gifts or any gifts at all. Happiness is a feeling that comes from inside you, not from material things. For example a babies laugh, a smile from a stranger or just a beautiful sunrise cost nothing but all can make you happier than any gift. So stop overlooking the important things and start recognizing where your real happiness comes from.

Finally, feeling alone during the holidays will cause you to feel depressed. whether you are truly alone or not you can still find happiness. Reach out to relatives and friends. Make a phone call it takes just a few seconds to dial the phone. If there is no one to call then go to a public place and start a conversation with a stranger. There is a good chance that they are feeling alone as well. Having a conversation with a complete stranger over coffee or tea can develop new friendships that can last for years to come.

I hope by reading this you will be able to find the happiness that is inside you already. If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.