Ever wonder why only 10% of the people you see in the gym are making great progress? It's because they are not in their heads sabotaging everything in their lives.

What are they not doing?

  • They are not competing with anyone but themselves
  • They are not drinking alcohol to excess multiple times a week
  • They are not under-eating or over-eating
  • They are not out partying all night on the weekends

What are they doing?

  • They are not making excuses, they are just doing
  • They operate their entire lives on an organized schedule
  • They prep their meals so that they are not tempted to cheat
  • They say no to bad behaviors
  • They get proper rest

 If you want success you need to change your behaviors plain and simple. As a holistic life coach and personal trainer for over 25 years I have seen so many people try and fail for one simple reason. They have zero DISCIPLINE!

Yes, it's easy to say sure lets go to happy hour, but if you have goals then you need to say NO. If your friends are real they will support your lifestyle modifications and might even join you on your journey. 

Make the changes today and STOP SABOTAGING YOURSELF!