Everyday I here and see people saying I want abs. Great goal for sure but what each of these people fail to understand is to have visible abs you must learn how to cook and eat clean. Exercise will strengthen the abs and burn fat, but it will not give you visible abs on its own. Nutrition is the key to any weight loss program and it all begins in the kitchen. Understanding what eating clean means is one of the hardest concepts for people to understand I have found. There are numerous diet plans on the internet, but very few actually explain what eating clean means. Instead they just tell everyone eat this, not this without explaining why. You as the reader of these plans can't make a lifestyle change if you don't fully understand why you are making the recommended changes. When you don't fully understand you eventually start to cheat on the plan and start looking for another plan. Now you are starting completely over and still have learned very little. With my clients the very first thing I ask them is "what does eating clean mean to them". The first answer I hear is no alcohol, the second is no sweets. Both answers are correct, but they are just a very small part of eating clean. The second thing I ask my clients is "do you ever read nutrition labels". The answer I most often hear is umm...yes. Then I ask them to show me a can of tuna that they have in the cabinet. We then look at the label and I show them how even though the main label says in spring water the ingredients lists vegetable broth, high fructose corn syrup, salt or sugar, etc. My clients then say wow I had no idea. 

The point I am trying to make when I am training my clients is that you need to make smarter decisions when purchasing food. You do not have to buy organic to eat clean, Just don't eat processed and products loaded with ingredients that have no place being in them. When you begin buying and eating cleaner food your body will automatically begin to shed water weight. When the body isn't being preserved and overdosed with chemicals it has zero reason to hold on to the extra water. 

Cooking clean means learning what oils are best to use. How to season your food without using salt. Basically how to cook and eat clean without your food being blend. My wife and I actually teach my clients how to cook and eat clean with flavor. We have my clients pick a few different recipes and purchase the ingredients. Then we come in and show them how easy and delicious that healthy clean cooking and eating really can be by teaching them how to prep the food and what are the easiest ways to save time in the kitchen. 

Eating and Cooking clean parties are a great way to get your friends on board with you to build a strong support team. If you build a support team around healthy eating and cooking you and your friends start to forget all about those happy hours.

What does this all have to do with the main title? EVERYTHING! If you learn how to cook and eat clean you will drop the weight that you want and start to see those ABS that you desire to see.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to ask.