How To Quit Drinking

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How to quit drinking

You may have a problem with drinking but may be too embarrassed to admit it. Here a few simple steps to help you kick the habit.

First, as cliché as it may sound, acknowledge that you have a problem. You need to first accept that you may have a problem alcohol. (Yes, there are many levels of alcoholism, without being a traditional alcoholic.) Then you can proceed to the next step. You need to understand why you drink. Do you start drinking when you had a bad day at work, when you have an argument or is it just a part of your daily routine? No matter what it is identify the little triggers that make you want a drink. Next, have a game plan of what you will do when faced with that trigger. Knowing your triggers and knowing yourself will help you take control.

Second, commit yourself to a goal of being alcohol free. Start with short goals, for example 7 days. Then extend the goal to 30 days. With every goal met set a longer goal. You are smart and consciously and subconsciously you know that you do not need alcohol to function. Yes, it may be difficult for you to get through 7 days at first. Do not listen to the little cravings that your brain sends to you demanding alcohol. You are in control of your thoughts and body. You have lived without alcohol before and were happier and healthier. There is no reason you cannot do it again. Make yourself a mantra. For example: I do not need alcohol! I am stronger than any cravings. I am in control of my life! Repeat it to yourself daily, and especially when you feel weak.

Third, learn to say NO. If a friend asks you out for a drink, be prepared to say, “No thank you, I’m quitting”. Be honest with your friends and tell them that you need and want to quit drinking forever. If you have to avoid your friends that drink for a certain period of time, do it. Tell them that you are not avoiding them because of them, you are just trying to quit drinking alcohol. They will respect you for it and help you in your road to sobriety, if they are real friends.

Fourth, be patient and enjoy your recovery. Every day without alcohol your thinking will become clearer, you will experience more energy when you wake up, as well as, start to lose weight. Do not beat yourself up if you relapse. If you relapse, that does not mean you will start drinking the way you used to before. It takes time and patience. After that relapse, say to yourself, I will try harder and this time I will succeed.

Most of all, remember that you are quitting drinking alcohol to improve yourself in every way. The possibilities of what a sober life can bring you should be the biggest motivation and inspiration of all to keep on track and moving forward.